Mothercare School

After 42 years of running Mothercare School and taking care of the pre schoolers holistic development, Covid and now this 2nd year of online teaching and interaction with the little ones, has made me realise that there is nothing more detrimental for the little helpless ones aged 2 to 6 years , than being deprived of the pre school experience. In fact I find that in the online mode, our pre schools are training the mother or care giver who has to sit with the child, into trained teachers for their kids. Parenting counselling is happening on a daily basis with the show how imparted by the teacher Parents are picking up phonetics, cursive writing, learning varied modes by which the teacher is making learning fun and simultaneously making the concept clear, imparting the skills required in a play way manner. Children are hankering for the classes during holidays, interacting with the teacher, with each other with appropriate stimulus provided to each development area.

      What’s happening to the child whose parents have decided to keep the child at home. Indisciplined, bored the child is becoming a mobile and TV addict, revolting and being scolded and beaten as the mother has just too many things on her hand. You the parents are the architects of this most precious being and he is just a helpless toddler, dependent for his future on your decisions.

Posted by Web Team Tuesday, June 29, 2021 2:13:02 PM