Mothercare School

Dear Ma’am,

My hearty congratulations for the beautiful annual day you presented to us. I can easily acknowledge the massive effort of your efficient team behind the success of this event. Everything was well planned, well organized and well executed.

Another difference was the concept based nature of the programme which I really appreciated. I felt there was something to carry home for everyone… satisfied all sorts of people, some truths that need to be conveyed whether on subject of corruption, junk food through the entertaining depiction of Alice in Wonderland. Nevertheless all events were perfect because of the excellent teamwork. I want to especially thank the entire school staff, whom I could see standing tirelessly there till they handed over our wards. This needs a lot of responsibility and goodwill.

I even noticed the sincere effort to bring even the toddlers on stage. All these things need very discreet preparation. I am very happy my son is in the best hands…..thank you once again for the lovely evening.

With Regards

Ajeet Victor & Sainzlina Victor

Father and Mother of Azriel Victor

Class: Nursey B

Posted by Web Team Monday, December 15, 2014 8:25:18 PM Categories: Annual Concert Testimonial