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Dear Ma’am,

At the outset we are highly appreciative of the show being put up by the children on Nov 23, 2014. We wish to congratulate you all for managing such a successful event. Days of practice, children brimming with excitement, high levels of energy and tons of confidence - all culminating in an absolutely marvelous show. These activities have really helped our son Adhrit to come out of his cocoon and improved his social skills. We sincerely admire the hard work that is being put in by you and all the teachers. There is no match to see your child growing with right set of attributes.

Kudos to you Ma’am for not only conceptualising and guiding the children to put up this presentation but also watching each and every kid so closely. We watched the show with such pride as Adhrit so fondly played the character of butterfly and thoroughly enjoyed the dancing. I would also like to appreciate all the staff members for making all the arrangements so well. The timeliness and punctuality of the function was also commendable. I personally, liked the idea of a small group dance type performance towards the end of each programme, however I believe the length of the plays could have been reduced, especially the first one.

Overall, this was a great effort. A big Thank You to everybody!


Mother of Adhrit

Play group B

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