Mothercare School

The experience of Dramatisation correctly and interestingly executed, works like magic with the pre-schooler. It provides immense opportunity for appropriate stimulus being provided to each and every developmental area of the child. You name it….language, socialization, voice modulation, body language, understanding of different kinds of characters, traits appreciated and vice versa, group dynamics, confidence, leadership, empathy, friendship, compassion, understanding human types and behaviors…..its unending. Depending on the choice of the story, its content and execution. Wrongly done, making them learn the script by heart, can result in just the opposite. It can make dramatization fly out of the persons life forever leaving them with stress, tension, anxiety, stage fright.

At Mothercare we have had immense fun with dramatization, executing it with aplomb even in the Online mode. You can watch the fun the kids have had for yourself.

Posted by Web Team Tuesday, June 29, 2021 6:52:00 AM