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Karate classes started at Mothercare School 

Starters of Karate. Nothing missed out. Strength building, placement, correct posture, coordination, balancing, synchronisation, flexibility, aiming, focus, concentration, discipline,,,,,,, Oh I'm hungry and sleepy now.

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Elocution Day was Pink Day too. 

On popular demand from the girls, the elocution Day everyone the boys, girls, teachers, did this and even some moms and dads came in pink attire. The Group Recitations were taken under the Pink Sawani tree to the immense delight of the kids. Each child recited their favourite poem on the mike for the 1st time. Happy faces could be seen all over the premises.

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For kids a fun activity makes a concept crystal clear at mothercare school 

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World Earth Day Celebrations at Mothercare School Aliganj 

The Importance of Earth understood at this tender age. Enjoyed reciting Bhoomi Mangalam, Preparing the soil bed, sowing seeds, watering them removing plastic, sweet wrappers from our campus. We showed our gratitude by making beautiful cards for mother earth.

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'We Care, We Share, We Belong' 

Sowing the seeds of 'We Care, We Share, We Belong' the Mothercare kids were asked to make Diwali cards and a gift of Sweets, Chocholates, wrapped as a pack in Diyas as presents from their side for their underprivileged friends. What a response from the recipients and what learning.

#learning #positivelife #preschool #schoollife #charity

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A ‘ Jhalak’ from your child’s Day 

Happy, content, focused, involved, participating kids loving the activity. Task accomplished. What more do we want? #learning #schoollife #preschool #children #diwalispecial


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