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Experiential Learning……Celebrating Janmashthmi in a Workshop Mode 

The Krishna Janmashthmi workshop has just got over and what a learning experience for both the kids and us the teachers. For the parents too. The Jhanki, the script picked up by the kids effortlessly, learning about different kinds of people, different Relationships, behaviours, costumes and last but not the least seeding their own value system. Its been a mind blowing experience and learning for each of the stake holders. Thanks to the Mammas, Kids and the teachers efforts and creativity.

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A glimpse of Experiential Learning at Mothercare School Aliganj 

Mothercare is an Experiential School. But what’s the significance of such an Activity Oriented learning, which typically centres around Festivals, Events, Workshops, Occasions and Activities?

In order to grab the attention of pre-schoolers and make them focus, it’s imperative that any learning process for them, be fun! At Mothercare, we use these celebrations as opportunities to introduce them to engrossing stories and anecdotes, thereby sowing the seeds of positive values, basic concepts, healthy habits and differentiating right from wrong, taking root easily and in depth.

We can see this happening in the preparations for Rakshabandhan celebrations. Attempt is being made to widen the horizon of the festival from just one of brothers and sisters love and dependence on each other. The kids are learning about Belonging, SANGACHADWAM, which means Lets Move Together , Loving, Giving, Caring, taking Responsibility and feeling Gratitude for all what they have. Over and above all this, its these very children who will preserve our rich culture, our traditions with acceptance and respect for all religions, well entrenched in them, celebrating festivals of all castes, creeds, regions and religions. Let’s see how it’s being invoked in the kids at Mothercare.

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Getting to know Kanha,” The Little Krishna” and his Raas Leela in preperation of Janmashthami celebrations 

This video is about Little Krishna. It is made in the course of our preparation for Little Krishna's Janmashtami celebrations.. Everyone in the world simply loves Little Krishna. This video is of a child expressing her love for Kanha. We are sure everyone will love it immensely, specially kids.Its truly a learning video for kids by a kid.

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Getting to know Kanha,” The Little Krishna” and his Raas Leela in preperation of Janmashthami celebrations
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How skills develop in kids, as experienced and practiced at Mothercare School Aliganj 

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“ Dramatisation as a tool for Learning” Shobha Dev Principal Mothercare School Aliganj 

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Lots of Learning in Online classes @mothercare school Aliganj Lucknow 

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“My way to express my LOVE for my loved ones”- PRATYANSH (UKG) @mothercare school Aliganj Lucknow.

Gajapati Kulpati story being narrated by Aaradhya. Not to be missed the gentle handling and slight prompting by his mom now trained into Mothercare ways of teaching and handling and encouraging her child. Aaradhya has started speaking in English and is developing a love for the language too.

Eid Mubarak @mothercare school Aliganj LucknowEid Ul Zuha celebration in online class @mothercare school Aliganj Lucknow

Eid Ul Zuha celebration in online class…. EID MUBARAK EVERYONE..

It just pours out when you know it. Super Ayaansh

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Dramatisation Workshop in Online mode @mothercare school Lucknow 

Put up by the 2 to 4 year old kids of our school is worth nothing for the confidence, delivery and absolute identification with the role…

Aashvi as the Rainbow fish with multi coloured scales who knows she is the most beautiful and exclusive fish in the world so it is below her dignity to mix with the common fish……

Shaurya as Orange Fish- Indignant, horrified at the selfishness & greed of Rainbow Fish for not sharing even one little scale with blue baby fish….

Azram (from play group) as Narrator….

Shaurya as Orange Fish…..Perfect Expressions..

Aashvi as Rainbow fish…

Rudransh as baby blue fish aspiring for one coloured scale from Rainbow Fish….

Beautiful song by Ipsa (as Jelly Fish) @mothercare school Lucknow

At Mothercare we have had immense fun with dramatization, executing it with
aplomb even in the Online mode…..

A Heart to Heart 

After 42 years of running Mothercare School and taking care of the pre schoolers holistic development, Covid and now this 2nd year of online teaching and interaction with the little ones, has made me realise that there is nothing more detrimental for the little helpless ones aged 2 to 6 years , than being deprived of the pre school experience. In fact I find that in the online mode, our pre schools are training the mother or care giver who has to sit with the child, into trained teachers for their kids. Parenting counselling is happening on a daily basis with the show how imparted by the teacher Parents are picking up phonetics, cursive writing, learning varied modes by which the teacher is making learning fun and simultaneously making the concept clear, imparting the skills required in a play way manner. Children are hankering for the classes during holidays, interacting with the teacher, with each other with appropriate stimulus provided to each development area.

      What’s happening to the child whose parents have decided to keep the child at home. Indisciplined, bored the child is becoming a mobile and TV addict, revolting and being scolded and beaten as the mother has just too many things on her hand. You the parents are the architects of this most precious being and he is just a helpless toddler, dependent for his future on your decisions.

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The Magic of Dramatisation 

The experience of Dramatisation correctly and interestingly executed, works like magic with the pre-schooler. It provides immense opportunity for appropriate stimulus being provided to each and every developmental area of the child. You name it….language, socialization, voice modulation, body language, understanding of different kinds of characters, traits appreciated and vice versa, group dynamics, confidence, leadership, empathy, friendship, compassion, understanding human types and behaviors…..its unending. Depending on the choice of the story, its content and execution. Wrongly done, making them learn the script by heart, can result in just the opposite. It can make dramatization fly out of the persons life forever leaving them with stress, tension, anxiety, stage fright.

At Mothercare we have had immense fun with dramatization, executing it with aplomb even in the Online mode. You can watch the fun the kids have had for yourself.

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