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Kids Dental Checkup at Mothercare School Aliganj 

As part of our Health, Hygiene and Nutrition Workshop we had a dental camp with Dr Ambreen Siddiqui a pediatric dentist. She was a master at establishing a rapport with the kids within no time and then check and advise if anything needed to be done by the parents. DEntal Checkup - 1

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Last Day of ‘23-‘24 session celebrated with a Teddy Bear Picnic at mothercare school 

It was fun watching the little ones come marching in with Teddy Bears bigger then themselves. Dance, music, games, yummy eats wow. It was a day that got imprinted in their minds forever it seemed.

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Children welcoming Spring on Basant Panchami at mothercare school 

Children welcomed Basant Ritu with yellow flowers, kites, jhoolas, tie and dye, Saraswati Pooja, gana, bajana, nachna and boondi ke laddoos of course.


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Celebration of 75th year of India’s Republic Day. 

Saying Republic Day was difficult for the very young ones. A handful ended up saying Happy Public Day. However the enthusiasm, patriotic songs, jai bharat mata ki, flag hoisting, March past everyone was right ahead.

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Annual Function. the culmination of the 46th Dramatisation workshop in the 46th year of Mothercare School’s existence. 

Oh yes, the kids sure enjoyed seeing themselves in different papers. Chronicles of Adi Yogi by the older ones and Snow White By our youngsters. It really was a mind blowing experience.

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Guru Nanak Jayanti Celebration at mothercare school 

The kids experienced how Guru Nanak C is celebrated, who celebrates it, where and so much more.

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Diwali Celebrations at Mothercare School and also with their newly made under privileged friends. 

We Care, we Share we Love we Belong. While we celebrate Diwali with fun and frolic we don't forget our unknown friends.

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Make Belief Play….an excellent and fun way of learning. 

Kids become Teachers to Learn about their environment. Cutie the Caterpillar is happy learning.

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Dussehra Celebrations at mothercare school 

Total surrender by Ravan on being hit by Ram ji arrow, straight to his belly button. Kids were seemingly happy too but not really so. They were so enamoured of the huge Ravan they had made so diligently being burnt away to nothing in no time.

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