Mothercare School

To facilitate our way of teaching, the classrooms are designed as beehive clusters of octagonal huts that provide easy access outside, so that children can interact with and learn from their natural surroundings.

At Mother Care School, learning is fun for the child, aided by a curriculum that is designed for ‘learning by doing’. Our activities include:

  • Drawing, colouring and painting
  • Clay work, puzzles, building blocks, jigsaws
  • Craft: origami, papier-mâché
  • Games: races, hurdles, sports, physical training, yoga, swimming, indoor and outdoor games
  • Singing, poems, dancing, body movements, dramatizations, story telling
  • Video films
  • Cooking, gardening projects, pet care and many more activities.

Along with this extensive schedule, reading, writing and number skills are learnt in an interesting manner, in the class room and also through computers and CD ROMs.

Special emphasis is laid on clarifying concepts. All the different activities are woven around a theme that interests the children. Once their involvement is ensured, they are given the freedom to investigate, interact with each other and try out activities at their own pace.

All this is done without fear of comparison or pressure from the teachers. That is also why we do not believe in giving homework or in examination schemes. Tuitions and coachings are also discouraged. Each child feels loved and nurtured, thus, giving him a high sense of self-esteem.

At Mother Care School, every child is given individual attention in order to observe his progress in terms of social, emotional, moral, intellectual, linguistic, aesthetic, psychomotor and physical development; as well as his responses in both interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence.

In order to do this, we maintain an adult-child ratio of 1:15.

A sincere effort is made to select and train teachers who are innovative, creative, spontaneous, self-motivated and have a wonderful way with children.

On-the-job training on a continuous basis is provided to the teachers in the process of executing the curriculum.

We believe that each child can derive maximum benefit from the Mother Care methodology when there is a close interaction between the school and the parents through various means such as workshops, parent teacher meetings and verbal and written dialogue. We look forward to your ideas, co-operation and participation in this process.

Dos and Don’ts requested from parents:

  • Every child should have 2 sets each of summer and winter uniforms. A clean handkerchief should be pinned on the child’s shirt/blouse everyday.
  • During summer, it is preferable that your child wears easy to remove footwear without socks.
  • Each child must bring his own water-bottle, tiffin and napkin everyday.
  • On Fridays, the parents can meet the class teacher after school to discuss the child’s progress.
  • The school looks forward to having parents and grandparents as resource persons for taking up various activities for the children.
  • To maximize the benefits from the Mother Care teaching methodology, regular attendance is necessary for every child. In unavoidable cases, parents must submit leave application.