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Sports Day 2019 @Mothercare School 

Let’s stand like a warrior….synchronized and balanced.

yoga lkg mag (4)

yoga lkg mag (11)

Let’s sleep like a child….calm and composed yoga lkg mag (2)

yoga lkg mag (3)

Little lions roaring….

yoga lkg mag (5)

Let’s humm like a bee…

yoga lkg mag (7)

Candle pose

yoga lkg mag (8)

Surya namaskar by MAG yoga lkg mag (9)

Superman pose

yoga lkg mag (10)yoga lkg mag (12)

Playgroup kids..playgroup yoga (1)

Mountain pose

playgroup yoga (2)

Happy and cheerful…

playgroup yoga (3)

Ready get set go….

playgroup yoga (4)

Cat pose

playgroup yoga (5)

Dog pose

playgroup yoga (6)playgroup yoga (7)

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International Yoga Day on 21st June at Mothercare School. 

Sri Sri Yoga Session at Mothercare School

5 Day Sri Sri Yoga Workshop with parents & others during summer holidays.

Sri Sri Yoga Session at Mothercare School (2)

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