Mothercare School

Lohri Celebration @mothercare school Lucknow 



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May the warmth of this holy fire reach the core of every heart.

May the new year bring lots of heaps and happiness to all our lives…

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Popcorn, revdi, peanuts, jaggery… all were soo yumm….

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Our celebration is never over without  dance and music

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Lohri, Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Onam Celebrated at Mothercare School 

Watching the play of fire. Right, Left, centre, up, Down.

Lohri (12)Lohri (6)Lohri (14)

Rewri, popcorn, peanuts, gur, til some to the cordoned off fire and lots for us.

Lohri (10)Lohri (13)Lohri (7)

Lohri (4)

All set for the bhangra..straight from the Lohri land….My Punjab!

Lohri (11)

Gidda, Bhangra, dhol with our favourites…our friends, guides, philosophers, teachers.

Lohri (2)Lohri (3)Lohri (5)Lohri (1)Lohri (9)