Mothercare School

A glimpse of Experiential Learning at Mothercare School Aliganj 

Mothercare is an Experiential School. But what’s the significance of such an Activity Oriented learning, which typically centres around Festivals, Events, Workshops, Occasions and Activities?

In order to grab the attention of pre-schoolers and make them focus, it’s imperative that any learning process for them, be fun! At Mothercare, we use these celebrations as opportunities to introduce them to engrossing stories and anecdotes, thereby sowing the seeds of positive values, basic concepts, healthy habits and differentiating right from wrong, taking root easily and in depth.We can see this happening in the preparations for Rakshabandhan celebrations. Attempt is being made to widen the horizon of the festival from just one of brothers and sisters love and dependence on each other.


The kids are learning about Belonging, SANGACHADWAM, which means Lets Move Together , Loving, Giving, Caring, taking Responsibility and feeling Gratitude for all what they have. Over and above all this, its these very children who will preserve our rich culture, our traditions with acceptance and respect for all religions, well entrenched in them, celebrating festivals of all castes, creeds, regions and religions. Let’s see how it’s being invoked in the kids at Mothercare. 



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