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Heartfelt Gratitude 

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For kids a fun activity makes a concept crystal clear at mothercare school 

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Children are encouraged to be Independent from an early age. 

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World Earth Day Celebrations at Mothercare School Aliganj 

The Importance of Earth understood at this tender age. Enjoyed reciting Bhoomi Mangalam, Preparing the soil bed, sowing seeds, watering them removing plastic, sweet wrappers from our campus. We showed our gratitude by making beautiful cards for mother earth.

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Eid Celebrations at Mothercare School Aliganj 

Its so wonderful to see our little ones celebrate festivals of all religions with equal zeal and fervor. Parents taking pains to dress them up suitably for Diwali, Holi, Guru Purab, Lodhi, Baisakhi, Christmas, Easter and of course Eid. This year too Eid Celebrations were enjoyed with Eid songs, dance, cards, siwai for tiffin by our little nawabs and begums suitably attired for the occasion.

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Baisakhi celebration at mothercare school 

Baisakhi Celebrations with gay abandon. How the little ones enjoyed the bright colours our Punjab is known for.. Dressed for bhangra and gidda , the dhol wala was the ultimate icing on the cake. They could not believe that the wheat in the " gehun ki Bali" shown to them is what their halwa, Poori,, cakes, mathri were made of. What an experiential learning Day.. All of them tried their hand at playing the dhol too.

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