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Importance of DayCare facility today 

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Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration at mothercare school 


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Dance classes for children up to 12 years at Mothercare School 

Dance classes For Rhythm, Music, Movement, Co-ordination, Expression in Kids up to age 12 years mothercare school Aliganj Lucknow.

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Identifying talent, aptitude in kids 

Talent, aptitude, interest can be identified in kids easily and accurately by giving them exposure of varied kinds. We ensure this happens at Mothercare School , as it enables the child to then pursue and move forward in that area.

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Admissions Open to the 44th Academic Session of Mothercare Preschool and Daycare. Contact: 9415102125 

Last 2 years of Covid19 lockdowns, children deprived of all social interaction, no schools and its aftermath of loss of speech, socially deviant behaviour, mobile addiction, has left no doubt in any ones mind about the necessity of children being sent to a preschool at an early age. Getting them involved in varied activities and opportunity for interacting with peer group and adults is a necessity. This can only be provided by an exclusive Preschool or its Daycare best.

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Art Workshop with a Difference at Mothercare School 

Ms Neera Kathuria, the art teacher initiated the children into basics of playing with colour, form, textures, light,imagination dropping all boundaries of doing as told, copied and seen earlier. She encouraged them to just let go and use all these in a free manner just enjoying themselves. By the day, we watched the pre set notions gradually dropping and kids reveling in this new found freedom. Happy.

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One Story, different portrayals by 4 year old at mothercare school 

" Hungry Caterpillar By Eric Carle" a story loved by our Nursery kids has been portrayed by them,. Each drawing is different as per their individual nature, preference and ability. All from their imagination all within 10 minutes. This is Creativity. The kids need the materials and a little Push, a little encouragement for them to get set, start and go.

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Reverse Process of Learning from Children to Mothers at Mothercare School 

A novel way of inspiring the young mothers about nutrition, pros and cons of healthy and junk food, nutitious recipes and meals for the young ones was devised by reversing the process of learning. Through stories, red stars for bringing healthy tiffin the kids were sensitized about healthy food and then mothers asked to participate in a healthy food competition. This got them inspired to feed their kids appealing, nutritious food cooked and served by them.

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