Mothercare School

Put up by the 2 to 4 year old kids of our school is worth nothing for the confidence, delivery and absolute identification with the role…

Aashvi as the Rainbow fish with multi coloured scales who knows she is the most beautiful and exclusive fish in the world so it is below her dignity to mix with the common fish……

Shaurya as Orange Fish- Indignant, horrified at the selfishness & greed of Rainbow Fish for not sharing even one little scale with blue baby fish….

Azram (from play group) as Narrator….

Shaurya as Orange Fish…..Perfect Expressions..

Aashvi as Rainbow fish…

Rudransh as baby blue fish aspiring for one coloured scale from Rainbow Fish….

Beautiful song by Ipsa (as Jelly Fish) @mothercare school Lucknow

At Mothercare we have had immense fun with dramatization, executing it with
aplomb even in the Online mode…..