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A Special Thanks :) 

I am Shashank Singh, parent of Alia Singh, studying in Play Group 'A'. I just wanted to convey my thanks for all the initiatives and special child learning programs conducted by Mother Care School, Lucknow. I am really happy the way they approach each and every festival and learning program. My child has developed a lot in this span of time. Beautiful and simple co-ordination has made learning so easy.

For annual function/Sports Day & other events. -
Being a parent myself, I know its really not easy to make kids follow instructions. You brought all the performances as a big surprise for us. It was amazing watching them performing so confidently on the stage and I appreciate the efforts of the Choreographer for each item presented.

Special Thanks to Principal Ma’am & Pratakashi Ma’am and all other teachers and support staff.

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Thanks a lot 

“THANKS” that’s the word most befitting for the occasion.

First of all, I would like to thank the Principal of Mothercare School, “ Mrs Shobha Dev”, for organizing such a lovely and entertaining event and getting it conducted expertly, keeping in mind the punctuality and the comfort of the parents as well as the children.

We, as parents, could see the amount of efforts that were put in by the whole Mothercare family. The stage that was set up was so vivid and vibrant, the props were very innovative and all that contributed to a spectacular performance.

I would especially like to give a vote of thanks to my daughters class teacher, Gurpreet ma’am for her efforts and patience and for taking such good care of the children.

Harshika had been to school for just a few days and was not keeping too well but to our surprise we saw her performing on stage like a veteran. We are so happy to see her boost in confidence and the spirit of performing in a group. Last but not the least, we as parents would also like to thank each and every person of the team who contributed and their efforts to make the event a success.

With warm regards

Dr Surman & T.S. Gujral

Parents of Harshika Kaur Gujral

TODDLER Class of 2014

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Hearty congratulations ! 

Dear Ma’am,

My hearty congratulations for the beautiful annual day you presented to us. I can easily acknowledge the massive effort of your efficient team behind the success of this event. Everything was well planned, well organized and well executed.

Another difference was the concept based nature of the programme which I really appreciated. I felt there was something to carry home for everyone… satisfied all sorts of people, some truths that need to be conveyed whether on subject of corruption, junk food through the entertaining depiction of Alice in Wonderland. Nevertheless all events were perfect because of the excellent teamwork. I want to especially thank the entire school staff, whom I could see standing tirelessly there till they handed over our wards. This needs a lot of responsibility and goodwill.

I even noticed the sincere effort to bring even the toddlers on stage. All these things need very discreet preparation. I am very happy my son is in the best hands…..thank you once again for the lovely evening.

With Regards

Ajeet Victor & Sainzlina Victor

Father and Mother of Azriel Victor

Class: Nursey B

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Letter of appreciation 

Dear Ma’am,

At the outset we are highly appreciative of the show being put up by the children on Nov 23, 2014. We wish to congratulate you all for managing such a successful event. Days of practice, children brimming with excitement, high levels of energy and tons of confidence - all culminating in an absolutely marvelous show. These activities have really helped our son Adhrit to come out of his cocoon and improved his social skills. We sincerely admire the hard work that is being put in by you and all the teachers. There is no match to see your child growing with right set of attributes.

Kudos to you Ma’am for not only conceptualising and guiding the children to put up this presentation but also watching each and every kid so closely. We watched the show with such pride as Adhrit so fondly played the character of butterfly and thoroughly enjoyed the dancing. I would also like to appreciate all the staff members for making all the arrangements so well. The timeliness and punctuality of the function was also commendable. I personally, liked the idea of a small group dance type performance towards the end of each programme, however I believe the length of the plays could have been reduced, especially the first one.

Overall, this was a great effort. A big Thank You to everybody!


Mother of Adhrit

Play group B

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Feedback on the Dramatisation Workshop and its concluding function 

Dear Madam,

SUB: Feedback on the Dramatisation Workshop and its concluding function put up by the children of Mothercare School on 23rd November 2014.

The plays performed by the students were outstanding. The performance by the toddlers was mind blowing. They performed with such confidence and managed their roles very well for their age. All students regardless of their age did an amazing job. Amazingly no child cried after seeing such a huge crowd of parents. The stage was setup very well, very colourful and full of life. The songs selected were appropriate. All the arrangements were done in a timely and organized fashion. As the saying goes seeing is believing, therefore people need to see the show put up by the children. A special credit should be given to the teachers involved in training/preparing the children for the show. The patience shown by them in training such young and restless kids is amazing.

A show worth watching and a show that helps children develop a strong, confident character. Keep up the amazing job.


Raza Rizvi

Parent/Father of Hasan

Nursey B

Mothercare School


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