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Feedback on the Dramatisation Workshop and its concluding function 

Dear Madam,

SUB: Feedback on the Dramatisation Workshop and its concluding function put up by the children of Mothercare School on 23rd November 2014.

The plays performed by the students were outstanding. The performance by the toddlers was mind blowing. They performed with such confidence and managed their roles very well for their age. All students regardless of their age did an amazing job. Amazingly no child cried after seeing such a huge crowd of parents. The stage was setup very well, very colourful and full of life. The songs selected were appropriate. All the arrangements were done in a timely and organized fashion. As the saying goes seeing is believing, therefore people need to see the show put up by the children. A special credit should be given to the teachers involved in training/preparing the children for the show. The patience shown by them in training such young and restless kids is amazing.

A show worth watching and a show that helps children develop a strong, confident character. Keep up the amazing job.


Raza Rizvi

Parent/Father of Hasan

Nursey B

Mothercare School


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